ICE Was Forced to Use Tear Gas on Another Load of Caravan Riders

Posted: Jan 01, 2019 5:00 PM


Townhall received the following statement from Department of Homeland Security Spokeswoman Katie Waldman:

Once again we have had a violent mob of migrants attempt to enter the United States illegally by attacking our agents with projectiles.  As has happened before - in this and previous administrations - our personnel used the minimum force necessary to defend themselves, defend our border, and restore order.  The agents involved should be applauded for handling the situation with no reported injuries to the attackers. Initial reporting indicates that once the attempted illegal entry was thwarted by agents, the mob began pushing women and minors to the front, forcing minors to climb dangerous concertina wire, and encouraged conveniently invited media to begin filming their illegal acts.  Unfortunately, Congress continues ignore the professional advice from the men and women of the Border Patrol who have told them that walls work. Congress needs to fully fund the border wall, amend the TVPRA, and end the Flores Settlement Agreement that encourages and rewards this type of lawlessness by migrants at the border.


Roughly 150 caravan riders from Central America attempted to illegally cross from Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego on New Year's Eve. Immigration and Customs Enforcement were forced to use tear gas to prevent the illegal crossings, The Daily Mail reported. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection told the Associated Press that the tear gas was used to stop rock throwers on the Mexico side of the border. Border patrol agents were attempting to catch children who were being passed over the concertina wire.

“Several teenagers, wrapped in heavy jackets, blankets and rubber mats were put over the concertina wire. Border Patrol agents witnessed members of the group attempt to lift toddler sized children up and over the concertina wire and (have) difficulty accomplishing the task in a safe manner,” a news release said.

According to ICE, no one saw negative effects of the tear gas.

“No agents witnessed any of the migrants at the fence line, including children, experiencing effects of the chemical agents, which were targeted at the rock throwers further away,” CBP said, KNSD-TV reported.

ICE said they detained 25 caravan riders during the ordeal, two of whom are minors. They spotted this caravan because of increased security at the border.

Although President Donald Trump hasn't spoken directly about the New Year's Eve events, he did take to Twitter to condemn Nancy Pelosi for not taking a government shutdown over border security and illegal immigration seriously. 

Last month, border patrol agents had to use tear gas and rubber bullets when caravan riders attempted to storm the border. President Trump defended the move, saying tear gas was perfectly safe.

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