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Oh, Brother: Celebrities Chime In On The Trump Administration's Border Policies And Actions

Hollywood celebrities are quick to make their opinions known, especially when it comes to President Donald Trump's actions. Of course, they had to chime in on the Border Patrol's recent use of tear gas at the southern border. All of their tweets had one thing in common: they talked about how disgusting Trump's policies are. 


Not everyone on the caravan is an innocent person who should be welcomed with open arms. Remember, some of them are members of the drug cartel and gangs.

But Obama did the same thing?

It's time for these celebrities to have a history lesson.

"Racism?" Hardly. These illegal aliens were throwing rocks at our border patrol agents. What do you want them to do, sit back and allow them to get hurt?


Not every policy decision should be determined based on emotion.

That logic makes ZERO sense.



So because you were "politically unaware," it's okay that these things happened in the past? Which is it? You're opposed to tear gas or you're opposed to Trump using it? 


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terrorism .

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They seem to miss one important fact: President Obama used tear gas at the southern border. Where was their outrage and disgust then? Oh, that's right. There was none. You know why? Because Obama is "on their side." 

The faux outrage gets rather old rather quickly.

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