Guess How Much Money Alyssa Milano Wants to Raise For the Central American Caravan

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 8:20 PM
Guess How Much Money Alyssa Milano Wants to Raise For the Central American Caravan

Actress Alyssa Milano has decided to use her sphere of influence to ask the average American to those illegal aliens who are riding the Central American caravan. Milano tweeted about the fundraiser to encourage other people to get involved:

Here's what the fundraiser says:

URGENT: Help Bring Aid to the Refugee Caravan

Families Belong Together is on the ground with the refugee caravan in Tijuana. We’re with individuals, families, and children of all backgrounds and from various countries, who are seeking safety and a better life. Many members have already begun the asylum application process and are waiting patiently to hear back about next steps. These people are fleeing persecution and violence and are legally applying for asylum at a US port of entry. 

You’ve followed our journey with the caravan and have asked how you can help. That’s why we’ve set up this fund to support the brave asylum-seekers. We are coordinating with organizations on the ground who are providing resources to address the most pressing needs.

Donate $5 dollars (or more!) for families today. Can you help us reach our goal of $50,000 for the first round of supplies?


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You can follow the stories of the brave people on the caravan here:

Instagram: @Fams2gether

Twitter: @Fams2gether

The fundraiser is currently shy of $75,000 and is taking place on the Democratic fundraising platform Act Blue.

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Derek Hunter

The million dollar question though: If Alyssa Milano wants to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for caravan riders, why doesn't she put her money where her mouth is and donate that amount herself? It's not like she's stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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