Caravan Riders May Rush The Border En Masse to Provoke the Trump Administration

Posted: Nov 22, 2018 9:30 AM
Caravan Riders May Rush The Border En Masse to Provoke the Trump Administration

Members of the caravan traveling from Central America are talking about rushing the border en masse to provoke the Trump administration and make it across the border, Fox News reported.

"They have that intention,” Sergio Tamai, a founder of Angels without Borders, a group helping the migrants, told Telemundo 20 in San Diego. “I believe that thousands could make that jump."

Over the last two weeks, at least 3,000 illegal aliens have arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, just south of San Diego, California. The Mexican federal government, however, anticipates that number to rise to 10,000 in the next few months.

The caravan riders have camped out in Tijuana in hopes that President Trump will grant them asylum, although some are growing impatient.

“Most of us, yes, we want to be on the other side,” Honduran caravan rider Jorge Molina said. “Some want to jump over the wall, others to go another way, and others want to wait and see what kind of response they get.”

A judge on Monday ruled that the Trump administration cannot ban caravan riders from seeking asylum. 

There are currently 5,800 active duty troops stationed at the border to keep the caravan riders from illegally crossing into the United States. 

President Trump has vowed to keep caravan riders out of America. He reiterated his position again on Wednesday.

He also shared a quote from a member of the National Border Patrol Council thanking him for his actions at the border.

So far, Mexican officials say they have arrested 34 caravan riders for drug possession, public intoxication, disturbing the peace and resisting police. Those who were detained will be deported back to their home country. 

Overall, Mexicans who live in Tijuana are not happy about the caravan riders taking over their town. Tijuana residents protested the caravan riders this past weekend, yelling at them to "get out" and "go home." 

According to Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum, the caravan riders have been "aggressive and cocky" and caused chaos in his city. 

Tijuana officials are now preparing for a border rush.

"A human stampede would be an immediate provocation to the U.S.,” Manuel Monárrez, a Tijuana councilman, told Telemundo. “And justify [President] Donald Trump to impact the binational dynamics of the economy.”