California Prepares For Possible Mudslides In Areas Impacted By The Camp Fire

Posted: Nov 22, 2018 3:00 PM
California Prepares For Possible Mudslides In Areas Impacted By The Camp Fire

California is expected to see some much-needed rain, which can be beneficial to firefighters who are still working to put out the Camp Fire in the northern part of the state. While the rain can help firefighters, it can also cause another disaster: mudslides.

Northern California is expected to get two to four inches of rain through Black Friday and the Sierra Nevadas are expected to get one to two feet of snow, AccuWeather reported.

"Rainfall that would normally be absorbed will run off extremely quickly after a wildfire, as burned soil can be as water-repellent as pavement," the National Weather Service said.

Anyone near the areas impacted by the Camp Fire is at risk of flash flooding but it's even greater for those who live downhill or downstream from the burned areas, CNN reported.

"If you can look uphill from where you are and see a burnt-out area, you are at risk," the National Weather Service said.

"They're having to fight this fire right now in the mountainous areas," Cal Fire Deputy Chief Scott McLean said this week. "They're back there on dirt roads, dirt trails, trying to fight this fire. Now it's going to turn into mud, which will be another hazard for them to contend with."

The Camp Fire is the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. 83 people have died and 560 still remain unaccounted for.

"This is certainly one of the worst fires in California history, and it's the most destruction I've ever seen in my career," Cal Fire Operations Chief Josh Bischoff said, CBS News reported.