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AZ Gov. Doug Ducey Wins Re-Election Bid in a Landslide

Freshman Republican Gov. Doug Ducey faced challenger David Garcia during the midterm elections. Garcia, an Associate Superintendent of the Arizona Department of Education and research analyst for the Arizona State Senate, focused on an education platform.


Politicians in Arizona have had to deal with the issue of education head-on. The #RedForEd campaign launched this spring when Arizona teachers walked out of the classroom in demand of higher wages.

In response to the walkout, Ducey signed a state budget that included a 19 percent pay raise for teachers over the next three years, AZ Central reported.

Teachers originally supported the Invest in Education Act, which was supposed to appear on the midterm ballot. The State Supreme Court, however, through the initiative out because of its wording, Arizona Sonora News reported.

Arizona’s focus on improving education and wages for teachers has sparked a movement across the country.

Because of his commitment to teachers and swift action, Ducey received an endorsement from The Tucson Daily Star. His endorsement was the first time the newspaper endorsed a Republican for governor in more than two decades.

President Donald Trump encouraged Arizonans to support Ducey on Election Day.

And so did Vice President Mike Pence.


In addition to Trump’s support, Ducey received endorsements from the following newspapers: The Tucson Daily Star, Prescott Daily Carrier, Lake Havasu News-Herald, The Arizona Daily Star, The Casa Grande Dispatchand The Arizona RepublicDucey was also endorsed by Cindy McCain, various Arizona county sheriffs, police organizations and chamber of commerce chapters. The most interesting endorsement he received was from Robert Uribe, a Democratic Mayor of Douglas, which sits along the United States-Mexico border.

Garcia received endorsements from a number of progressive, out of town groups and political action committees, like Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona, Democracy for America, Latino Victory Fund, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Working Families Parties as well as various unions.

Polling information has continually shown Ducey in a strong lead over Garcia. A Fox News poll conducted at the end of October showed Ducey winning by 18 points. A Garvis poll conducted a few days before the election placed Ducey 13 points ahead. A poll conducted on behalf of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and National Retail Federation one week from Election Day showed Ducey winning by 20 points. Emerson College’s poll show Ducey winning by 15 points. Another poll conducted on behalf of the of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and National Retail Federation showed Ducey still ahead, this time with 19 points. The only poll that showed Garcia winning was conducted back in June by Gravis Marketing. Even then, he was anticipated to win by one point.


Media project Ducey winning with 58 percent of the vote.

He released the following statement after being declared a winner by the Associated Press.

Arizonans have voted, and they have spoken.
I am incredibly humbled by the confidence Arizonans have placed in me and honored to continue working on their behalf.
To everyone who volunteered their time and energy as part of our campaign, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This victory would not be possible with you.
" want to wish David and his family all the best. And I also want to thank Angel Torres for stepping up and bringing his ideas to this race. With the campaign over, it’s time to come together—as we’ve done these last four years—with a renewed focus on moving forward as one Arizona.
We’ve come a long way these last four years, but there’s more to do to grow our economy, improve public education, protect public safety, and expand opportunity for all.

Tonight, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we get to work to continue securing Arizona’s future.


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