Dear Bogus Slate Writer: Your Analysis of Republican Women Is Insulting (And VERY Wrong)

Posted: Oct 25, 2018 12:45 PM
Dear Bogus Slate Writer: Your Analysis of Republican Women Is Insulting (And VERY Wrong)

The one thing the Left has going from them is emotional appeal. They're great at playing on people's emotions. In fact, that's their biggest campaign tactic. But when it comes to analysis and thinking critically, they get a big fat "F."

Seriously, Lefties, leave the critical analysis and thought-provoking talking points to those of us on the Right. We're not as great at appealing to people emotionally but we do have statistics on our side. Just look at the booming economy as proof.

A Slate writer attempted to explain why Ivanka Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway are highly requested for Republican speaking engagements. Of course, the writer instantly said it's because the GOP is doing their best to cover up President Trump's "sexist" past, that the party is doing everything in its power to make their policies appeal to women.

That the three most-requested campaign surrogates in the Trump administration are women should come as no surprise. With an alleged sexual abuser at its helm and its elevation of another alleged sexual abuser to the Supreme Court, the Republican Party isn’t doing so hot with women right now.

Oh, hey. Hi. I'm a woman. A Republican woman.


I know. It's shocking, right?

But here's the thing. There are many women who make up the Republican Party. We've been here long before Trump was even considering running for president and we'll be here long after he leaves the White House.

Why is it so hard for you Lefties to understand that there are women out there who care about all issues and not just social issues, like abortion? We care about the economy. We care about healthcare (outside of just abortions). We care about education and immigration. We want to make sure our children are happy, healthy and safe.

The Republican Party has a tendency to celebrate women and people of color as a kind of defensive maneuver. When Trump and his supporters applaud Kanye West or Diamond and Silk, they’re attempting to shield themselves from accusations of racism and trying to make their base appear more racially diverse than it is. And while Republicans don’t like electing women—a 2016 poll found that both women and men in the party prefer generic, unnamed male candidates to generic, unnamed female ones—they also don’t like being characterized as the He-Man Women Haters Club.

But this year’s voracious appetite for female speakers isn’t about convincing independents and outsiders that the party isn’t hostile to women. It’s about Republicans convincing themselves that they aren’t bad people. Some Republicans thrill to the sound of Trump making fun of Christine Blasey Ford and comparing his female critics to animals. Others feel squeamish when they see their party mobilizing to discredit an alleged survivor of sexual violence. Not squeamish enough to turn against the president, his appointees, or the cast of craven grifters that surrounds him, mind you! But enough to have a hankering for the sound of a woman reassuring them that they are on the right side of history, doing the difficult work of preserving the America they know and love.

For some ungodly reason it's hard for you Lefties to get it through your thick skulls that the GOP isn't just a bunch of old white men. Our base is diversifying. You know why? Because people are realizing something. They're realizing that it's okay to want to keep more of the money you work hard to earn. They're realizing that government taking control of every aspect of our lives does more harm than good (just look at Obamacare). They're realizing that utilizing their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves is necessary. But more than anything, they're realizing that the best part about being an American is having the ability – and freedom – to make decisions for yourself. After all, who knows what's better for your family: you or a politician that you've never met before?