Alyssa Milano's Meltdown Over Kavanaugh is the Symbolic Liberal Freak Out That's Occurring Throughout the Country

Posted: Oct 07, 2018 2:35 PM
Alyssa Milano's Meltdown Over Kavanaugh is the Symbolic Liberal Freak Out That's Occurring Throughout the Country

Actress Alyssa Milano is known as an outspoken liberal activist. It's no secret and she doesn't try to hide her political affiliation.

After the Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday, Milano took to Twitter to express herself. Prepare yourself. It's a bit much (as with all of her typical liberal meltdowns).

When she says "dark money," she's probably referring to the National Rifle Association. After all, the NRA supported Kavanaugh since day one and Milano is an outspoken gun control proponent.

If she believes Kavanaugh is a partisan judge then what does she consider Ruth Bader Ginsburg? A saint?

"Credibility" is in the eye of the beholder. Milano must have missed the glaring inconsistencies in Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's statements. 

Actually, conservatives aren't trying to aline anyone's pockets. We're trying to protect our freedoms and the Constitution. You know, the very thing that people like Milano are working so hard to get rid of.

Translation: I'm upset that the Court didn't agree with my side! BANISH THEM ALL!

If the Supreme Court lost touch with the majority of Americans then President Donald Trump wouldn't be in office and guess what? Hillary Clinton would be the one in the White House appointing a new justice. Oh, wait...

"Judge machine?" Seriously? 

Here's a news flash: if McConnell was hell-bent on packing the court with conservative justices then he would work to raise the number of justices that sit on the Supreme Court, but he's not. He's working within the tradition of having nine justices on the Court (although it has varied slightly over time).

Actually, if you do a simple Google search, it's easy to see that there are plenty of leftist mainstream media outlets who are covering Trump's appellate court confirmations. The Washington Post. Rolling Stone. The Guardian. The Boston Globe.

Nothing is happening under any of our noses. And Trump isn't hiding it. Whether or not someone pays attention to politics is their choice.

Apparently upholding the Constitution and our God-given rights is now "fringe" and that makes a judge an "operative." Got it.

How many more days until the November election? How many more days do we have to listen to this "Trump is pushing America to extinction" narrative that blue check mark liberals are pushing? 

It's okay, Alyssa. Take a chill pill. Conservatives had to deal with Obama for eight years. Now it's your turn.

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