Report: Ford's Team Wants to Dictate Which Media Outlets Are Present at Committee Hearing

Posted: Sep 25, 2018 10:50 PM
Report: Ford's Team Wants to Dictate Which Media Outlets Are Present at Committee Hearing

In an interesting term of events, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's attorney, Michael Bromwich, sent emails to the Senate Judiciary Committee asking them to limit which press will be given access to Thursday's scheduled hearings, The Washington Times reported.

Emails obtained by The Washington Times said Bromwhich has requested:
• Access for three robocams which he wants ran by "the CSPAN TV pool."
• Three specific wire services.
• Photographers from the Associated Press, Reuters and one other identified media outlet.
• A pool reporter for newspapers and magazines.
• Space for a radio reporter.

The only time committees tend to place limitations on press at hearings is when space is a concern or when witnesses need their identities to be kept secret. 

According to The Times, "longtime Capitol Hill watchers struggled to think of precedent for a witness dictating terms of press coverage."

Although Ford has agreed to testify on Thursday, her attorneys have laid out a list of demands. The one aspect that they're most opposed to: the Committee utilizing a sex crimes prosecutor to help with the questioning. 

Debra Katz, another one of the lawyers who is representing Ford, included an emailing asking for the prosecutors identity. 

“Please let us know if you have similarly withheld the name of this person from Mr. Kavanaugh and his counsel. If you have not, which we assume to be the case, can you please explain the disparate treatment?” she wrote. “Please also advise whether Mr. Kavanaugh and his counsel have been given an opportunity to meet with this individual. We would similarly like the opportunity to meet with her at her soonest availability.”

Bromwich previously sent an email to Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) expressing his team's concern over the special prosecutor.