Conway Defends Kavanaugh: He 'Shouldn't Have to Bear Decades of the #MeToo Movement' (VIDEO)

Posted: Sep 25, 2018 8:00 AM
Conway Defends Kavanaugh: He 'Shouldn't Have to Bear Decades of the #MeToo Movement' (VIDEO)

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway on Monday appeared on "CBS This Morning" to talk about the multiple allegations made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. 

During her appearance, Conway mentioned that she thought it was odd that Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted women during his teenage years and then went on to hire and promote female law clerks.

“I just wanted to say that this may be the first time we’ve ever heard of allegations against someone as a teenager who did not prey upon women thusly as he became powerful,” Conway said. 

She then used the moment to take a jab at CBS while explaining her thought process.

"As you know, full well at CBS News, when men become powerful and think that they can use women and interrupt their careers that they want to for their own predatory proclivities then they start preying upon women," Conway explained.

"The allegations against Judge Kavanaugh are all from when he’s a teenager, and then we're supposed to believe he's a judge of a dozen years, hiring female law clerks?” Conway asked rhetorically. 

Conway slammed Democrats and the MeToo movement for the accusations made against Kavanaugh.

"I just don't think one man's shoulders should bear decades of the MeToo movement," Conway said.