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Senate Stimulus Numbers

Sen. Ben Nelson has released an Excel document detailing the bipartisan Nelson-Collins modifications to the stimulus bill.

Here's the funding breakdown, by agency, produced by the bipartisan working group below. This is a good indication of where the bill's priorities are. You can see Labor, HHS, Education is getting, by far, the greatest amount of funding.

All of these amounts are in the thousands:

Agriculture: $5,109,430
Commerce: $21,513,000
Defense: $3,746,000
Energy & Water: $53,843,000
Financial & Gen. Govt: $10,762,000
Homeland Security: $5,076,700
Interior: $11,643,600
Labor, HHS, Education: $169,184,000
Military & VA: $7,428,295
THUD: $60,580,500

Of course, you'll probably note that these numbers above do not add up to $780 billion. That's because another whopping $365 billion is being allocated to "appropriations," which is not a government agency.

Update: Senate Conservatives put out a prettier version of the Excel sheet HERE in the form of a PDF.

The line for appropriations spending is on page 7 of the PDF.

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