The Purpose of Vetting

Posted: Feb 03, 2009 10:30 AM
Right now news is coming in that yet another one of Obama's appointees has tax problems.

The Associated Press is reporting "Nancy Killefer, who failed for a year and a  half to pay employment taxes on household help, has withdrawn her candidacy to be the first chief performance officer for the federal government, the White House said Tuesday."

By my count, this is at least the fourth person with financial problems to be tapped to join Obama's inner circle. First there was Bill Richardson, then Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle and now Killefer.

Sure, Killerfer isn't as high-level as the other three, but she still underwent the vetting process....which brings me to my Big Question of the Day: "Does anyone at 1600 PA Avenue understand what VETTING is for?"

The vetting process is supposed to take place BEFORE the appointment is offered to smoke out any disqualifying factors for the position. Like not paying your taxes. It isn't just a formality to give the GOP a heads-up on how they can "obstruct" Obama's people.

If they have tax problems, they shouldn't be offered the posts in the first place, right? Isn't that why there's a vetting process?