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Clintonista Already Dishing Out Oppo Hit Pieces on Steele

Well, that didn't take long.

Hillary Clinton's former research director dished up a nasty hit-piece memo on Michael Steele hours after he was elected the GOP's first black RNC Chairman.

He cites shaky resources like Think Progress, a blog for the lefty Center for American Progress for his research. This would be like me linking to comments on FreeRepublic to back up my facts.

Steele's clearly got the Dems scared.

And, I wonder why Hillary's old research man had oppo sitting around on Steele...?

Here's a sampling of some of the disgusting comments already being posted on the Huffington Post regarding Steele's race and new status in the GOP:
I guess the GOP tried to pull a McCain (pandering to women with Palin as his running mate) by trying to pander to the African-American community and possibly other minorities.

How nice for them, they managed to find a African American in their party. I guess they think this is their "Teflon" against Obama now LOL, LOL. "We can say all the racists stuff we want now" we're covered!
Expect a lot more talk like this from the Left. I'd also expect Steele to FIRMLY put them in their place in some of his early interviews.


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