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GOP Rallies Activists Against Stimulus Spending

More than 2,600 anti-spending activists phoned in to speak with Republican Reps. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) and Tom Price (Ga.) about their concerns over President Obama's $825 billion stimulus billl Monday evening.

Americans for Prosperity hosted the call to allow their members to connect with Bachmann and Price, two members who have repeatedly stood up for taxpayers by voting against reckless spending in Washington. AFP created the site to draw attention to specific complaints.

"This is a red hot issue," said Bachmann. "The Democrats are planning to slam this $825 billon so-called stimulus package. It's really a tax and spend package where we are borrowing from the next generation to pay for the party we are having today."

Price, who was recently named Republican Study Committee Chairman, reminded listeners of the recent bailout packages Congress has passed for the housing industries and Wall Street. "If borrowing and spending would have stopped this challenging problem we have in this economy it would have stopped because we have borrowed and spent to an incredible limit."

Bachmann urged listeners to visit AFP's website and tell their members of Congress not to vote for the bill. "Trust me, they get skittish when their phones start ringing off the hook," she said. "We need you to literally melt the phone lines and tell them 'do not vote for the stimulus plan.'"

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