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Romney/ House GOP Watch

I have two items of good news to report for our loyal, conservative Townhall readers.

First, there are new signs of life among House Republicans for fighting Barack Obama's $700 billion, or trillion, or whatever number he's floating out this week, stimulus bill. The new GOP House Whip Eric Cantor is sounding the alarm, urging supporters to enlist in the fight with this web video below. You can join his "Whip Team"

As a part of Cantor's effort to draw attention to the fight he's scheduled a special hearing for House Republicans to discuss alternative policy prescriptions next week. This acts as a counter to the hearings scheduled by the Democrats on the stimulus bill last week which did not allow any experts to testify who disagreed with the idea of a second stimulus bill.

This brings me to my second bit of good news. Mitt Romney will be the first one to testify at the hearing. This means Romney will be coming to Washington on Thursday to offer his ideas on how to help heal the economy....stay tuned!

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