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Man Criticized for Stopping RNC Convention Violence

Brandon Darby is being called a traitor by some of his friends.

Why? Because the liberal activist gave the FBI information about radical protesters who planned to use explosives and other make-shift weapons against law enforcement at the Republican National Convention.

One of the conspirators, David McKay, was caught on tape saying their plans would be "worth it if an officer gets burned or maimed." To do this, McKay and Bradley Crowder, both of Austin, Texas hoarded Maltov cocktails and constructed screw-tipped riot shields to harm others at the convention.

(You can read the affidavit that details their dasterdly plans HERE.)

Crowder pled guilty to one count of aiding and abetting possession of an unregistered firearm in court today. McKay faces trial on January 26 and plans to maintain innocence.

Darby recently wrote an email to his so-called friends explaining his reasons for working as an informant with the FBI.

"It is very dangerous when a few individuals engage in or act on a belief system in which they feel they know the real truth and that all others are ignorant and therefore have no right to meet and express their political views," he wrote.

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