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Caroline Has Policy Positions

There's no telling she wrote these answers herself, but the New York Times has convinced someone in the the Caroline Kennedy camp to answer some policy questions.

You can read the specific questions and answers HERE, but I can sum them up for you faster: Kenndy is pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion (including partial-birth), pro-amnesty, anti-trade, anti-gun, pro-Israel, pro-bailout, evasive on tax hikes, pro-union (including "card check"), anti-voucher and anti-nuclear power.

In other words, she's just another knee-jerk, doctrinaire, New York liberal.
Update: Politico got some answers, too. Nothing ground-breaking, but Glenn Thrush and Ben Smith did (unsuccessfully) try to start some trouble between Kennedy and New York's senior Senator Chuck Schumer. Like a true politician, she ducked. Nice try, guys.

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