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Re: Ambinder

Ambinder emailed our Chief Sales Officer at 2:24 pm.

He posted his blog at 2:35pm. That's all of 11 minutes he gave us to respond.

If he really wanted an answer from us, he wasn't waiting for it. He wrote in his post, "E-mails and telephone messages left with Townhall staff, including its chief sales rep, were not immediately returned."

Emphasis on "immediately," I guess. And for the record, he never emailed me to talk about it and I'm one of the most accessible people here. (Although I'm not sure I would have gotten back to him in 11 minutes. I might be on a bathroom break for pity's sake.)

Moreover, in Ambider's email to our CSO Ambinder didn't even identify himself as a reporter. It basically says, "Why did you post this" without saying he's an Atlantic writer or anything else. Maybe Ambinder thinks he's a household name, but people who don't follow politics by the minute, like say our sales staff, don't know who he is.

Pretty shoddy.

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