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Dawson is Officially 'In'

From his press office:
“I am running to serve as chairman of the Republican National Committee because I’m ready to help lead our party’s turnaround.  We need to turnaround our fortunes in many regions of the country.  We need to turnaround our grassroots organization, our fundraising, our use of technology and new media, and our candidate recruitment.  We must move forward with the confidence that our message of optimism, hope, and freedom still resonates in the hearts of our fellow Americans.”
His release touts the fact that while he was South Carolina Republican Party Chairman "Republicans have won nearly 80% of the elections in which they fielded a candidate. In 2008, South Carolina Republicans won 82.22% of the races in which they fielded a candidate, a 2% improvement from 2004."

See more about him at his website www.katondawson.com. Hopefully, I'll be interviewing him soon. My interviews with candidates Saul Anuzis and Michael Steele are HERE.

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