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Is Alan Colmes Cheering the Fairness Doctrine?

Lemme know if you think that's what he's hinting. This is from his blog today:
COLMES: I wonder if conservatism killed talk radio; or, at least, talk radio as we’ve known it. We’ve already seen what conservatism has done to the country.  Surely talk radio doesn’t need to confine itself primarily to only those who agree with the right, especially at a time when even many Republicans are disgusted with what has become of their movement.  A new day for America politically may mean a new day for a medium that can be invigorated by a changing climate.
Update: I did some googling around and it sounds like Alan is NOT for the Fairness Doctrine. He's said this about it on his show: "I think it's wrong-headed because you can't have the government get involved in the issue of speech."

Go, Alan!

(Of course some liberal bloger snagged that clip I linked to call Colmes a "punk' for being pro free-speech. Sad.)

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