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Obligatory Line Complaining

So, I went to my designated polling place at 6:20 am, twenty minutes after it opened.

There was already an incredibly long line. Figuring I should at least be caffeinated to wait in line, I went to the local coffee shop, a block away, to get a cup of joe. In the shop, everyone was complaining about the lines."We should be able to voter over the Internet!!" was the common refrain.

 I told them, "Just wait till they take over universal health care, then you'll see long lines!"

Only one man laughed. Three older women looked at me like I had kicked their puppy. Three college girls were too busy chattering about the benefits of their sustainably-manufactured yogurt that donates proceeds to renewable energy to notice.

This is life in the greater DC area. Pity me.

By the time I returned to the polling place, the line had tripled into a 1:45-2:00 hour wait. Pathetic. I live in downtown Arlington, Virginia.  Luckily, the place is only a block from my house. So, I'm going back after the before-work crowd gets through, which I'm guessing will be around 10:30am before the lunch crowd hits.

But, I gotta tell you. If they can't get the polling stations to work efficiently ARLINGTON, one of the yuppiest,  mostcivic-minded areas in the nation, I am guessing we are going to be hearing about vote suppression ala long lines ALL DAY LONG.

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