Senator Fitzgerald Talks Rezko

Posted: Oct 30, 2008 12:39 PM
Former Illinois Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (R.) called on Barack Obama to release the closing statements in a questionable real estate transaction with convicted felon Tony Rezko in a conference call this afternoon.

"Given that Senator Obama was a long time friend to Tony Rezko's he should be asked to release their documents from their side of the transaction," Fitzgerald said. He noted the closing statements and other mortgage documents "would show the flow of funds from his standpoint on the  transaction."

Rezko is currently in prison awaiting sentencing for his attempts to corrupt politicians in Illinois.

Obama has described his decision to purchase land at a discount from Rezko as "boneheaded" in the past.

Fitzgerald's request came hours after the American Conservative Union filed an ethics complaint to the U.S Senate over the same deal.

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