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Reader Mail, Subject: Obama-Khalidi

We're getting lots of feedback here at Townhall today about the secret video in which Barack Obama toasts PLO Leader Rashid Khalidi that the LA Times is withholding.

One reader passes along this talking point he'd like to see John McCain and Sarah Palin use on the campaign trail:
"Once again the mainstream media is in the tank for Senator Obama. The L.A. Times has an incriminating video of Obama toasting an anti-Semite. We demand transparency and honesty in our elections. The media is supposed to be the watchdogs of politicians, but apparently they only write negative stories about Republicans. What does Senator Obama have to hide from the American people? He should also come forth and ask the L.A. Times to release the video of him. I for one stand by my record and everything I have ever said. Unfortunately, Senator Obama is hiding behind his friends in the mainstream media."
What do you think loyal readers? Good talking point? Should McCain say something like that? I'm sure up for that.

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