RE: Obama Didn't Know About Ayers Bombed Capitol

Posted: Oct 06, 2008 10:52 AM
RedState's Erick Erikson says there's no way Obama didn't know Ayers had been involved in bombing the Pentagon and the Capitol.
In 1994, the Democrats decided 1996 would be an appropriate time to go back to Chicago for a convention. The whole world of Democratic politics was paying attention in 1994 after that was announced.. In 1994, Obama was paying attention. He was in the political currents already... What else happened in 1996 when the media was reminiscing about the Democratic Convention of 1968, and interviewing key players like Bill Ayers? Bill Ayers held a fundraiser for Barack Obama.And we're really supposed to believe Obama did not know, by 1996, given all the major media coverage of the 1996 Democratic Convention going back to Chicago despite the 1968 riots -- including local and national media interviews with Bill Ayers on the subject -- that Obama did not know? You've got to be kidding me.
Update: There's a lot of back and forth on this today. The real question here needs to be this: When did Obama find out Ayers was a terrorist and how, if at all did Obama's willingness to associate with Ayers change after he learned this information?

Did Obama find out visited Ayers home? After they spoke on panels together? After they did charitable foundation work together? After Obama wrote a favorable review of his book? Or is he going to pretend he had no idea until Sean Hannity told everyone in America?

We need a date, Senator Obama.