One Hour to Go

Posted: Oct 02, 2008 8:04 PM
The countdown is officially ON.

How are we feeling here? I'm hopeful this high-pressure situation makes Palin perform stronger. She's a former athlete who sunk the winning free throw to clinch her state's basketball championship. When I look at her, I see a "gamer" and the extra adrenaline could really help her focus and hit her marks.

And by the way, I really like Philip Klein. He's not an "elitist" and his criticisms of Palin are fair. In the original post he wrote," I don't think it does Palin any favors for conservatives to cover up for her and convince the campaign that her performances in interviews have been adequate for the office she's seeking." I absolutely agree with him.

I don't think the people, like Kathleen Parker for example, criticized Palin for "publicity." She was already a wildly successful syndicated columnist before anybody even know how to pronounce Palin. You can disagree with her, but that's no reason to intone she's a  publicity whore.

Let's stop this silliness.

Time for the debate!

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