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What I Wish Was Sticking From the Debate

I wrote a bit below about what I thought was "sticking" in the media's wrap-up of the debate, but I want to write a post about something I thought was fairly powerful but isn't getting a ton of play.

It started when Obama said, "We took our eye off Afghanistan."

"You might think that with that kind of concern that Senator Obama would have gone to Afghanistan, particularly given his responsibilities as a subcommittee chairman," McCain retorted.

Obama's answer? "Look, I'm very proud of my vice presidential selection, Joe Biden, who is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and as he explains, and as John well knows, the issues of Afghanistan, the issues of Iraq, critical issues like that, don't go through my subcommittee because they're done as a committee as a whole."

"That's Senate inside baseball," he added.

That's a pretty outrageous answer. Essentially, Obama is saying "I picked a VP to take care of all those issues for me." I don't see how this is acceptable.

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