Who Hacked Into Palin's Email

Posted: Sep 17, 2008 7:07 PM
Anonymous, the group credited for illegally hacking into Sarah Palin's personal email and distributing her and her family's personal information, is identified as a left-wing fringe group seeking to expose the Church of Scientology. (Yes, weird, I know.)

They have been described as a "cyber vigilante group." A chapter of their group, which is indeed strange, protested the GOP Convention a few weeks ago. Here is a video clip from it:

Here are some of my thoughts on this. It's almost certain this illegal invasion was politically motivated. The only people who've expressed interest in obtaining Palin's personal emails are the ones trying to nail Palin on Troopergate. And, what are the odds someone would be hacking into her email if she wasn't named VP? Slim to none, I'd say.

Palin released official work emails for the Troopergate investigation, but her foes have been clamoring for her personal emails since politicians are encouraged to use a personal email account for non-government related communications.

So here are my questions:
What are the odds these people are supporting the Obama campaign?
When is Obama going to make a statement denouncing this illegal, invasion of privacy?
And how soon is the FBI going get these hackers and the bloggers over at  Gawker who promoted this illegally obtained information??

Lastly, when is the media, outside of Fox News, going to start holding people accountable for so viciously invading the Palin family's privacy? If the DailyKos fabrication about Palin "covering up" her daughter's pregnancy wasn't enough, surely uploading Bristol Palin's cell phone number and personal contact information for Todd and Track should be. It's not like everyone doesn't know exactly what side of the political spectrum these smears are coming from.