AOL "Reporter" Wants More Rape Kit Stories

Posted: Sep 12, 2008 1:56 PM
How objective does this question sound from Tommy Christopher of AOL News? I'm going through the transcript now of an Obama campaign conference call and this question leapt out to me:
QUESTION: Yeah. Hi. This is Tommy Christopher from AOL News. And my question is about the ad. I'm wondering why it is that the campaign isn't pushing the rape kit story harder. I've talked to a few people about this in the last few days, and every time I tell somebody that story, they act like I just told them there's no Santa Claus. Is there this plan to -- to highlight that story?

OBAMA SPOKESMAN BILL BURTON: Thanks for question, Tommy. This is Bill Burton. I'm familiar with it. I saw that the Associated Press has a new story about how, in Wasilla, folks actually had to pay for rape kits. We're familiar with it, and it's something that we're taking a look at..

And, how about this one?

J. CHRISTOPHER Sky News. John Christopher. Some in our audience, the Sky News audience, is questioning whether the Obama Campaign is being swift-boated like John Kerry was four years ago and they're not hitting back. Especially, they think it seems strange that with all the video clips of Sarah Palin actually continuing to -- to lie, they wonder why you haven't responded that way in kind.

This is your MSM in action, folks.