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Colmes Clarifies

I have an update to my blog that's still featured on Drudge..

Alan Colmes, of Hannity & Colmes, just phoned me to say he posted a clarification about his "Prenatal Care" blog and told me he did not in any way mean to suggest Palin was to blame for her child's condition.

Colmes says he only mean to call her "judgment" into question.

"It’s fair to question a person’s judgment if that person is seeking to be Vice President of the United States,  just as the judgment of the Obama Biden ticket has been heavily questioned.  And part of that question of judgment has to do with life decisions that candidates make," Colmes clarified today. "In the case of Sarah Palin, it had to do with a choice to give a speech and then board a flight after contractions began and water began to break in the last month of pregnancy with her fifth child. "

(And for those wondering, Colmes was very kind and personable with me. We sometimes spar on the air, but there were no harsh words in our conversation at all.)

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