Bristol's Baby

Posted: Sep 01, 2008 1:17 PM
Ok, so let's be clear here. Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, is currently pregnant.

This is not related to the DailyKos rumor that the Governor faked her pregnancy with baby Trig to "cover" for Bristol earlier this year. People are confused about this, largely because there are stories coming out with headlines like "Palin Confirms Daughter's Pregnancy" as if they were confirming the rumor, not "announcing" or "revealing" the pregnancy.

The real questions buzzing among politicos here at the convention are "What happens now?" "And, what impact does this have on the McCain campaign?"

I find it very hard to believe the McCain people and the Palin family weren't previously aware of this situation. 5 months if pretty far along. They may have not wanted to publicly disclose the teen's pregnancy this early, but the pressure put on Palin by the lefty blogosphere over false "fake pregnancy" rumors may have impacted their decision to tell us all about it this afternoon.

Once the expected "hypocrisy" attacks subside, along the lines of "how could a conservative women raise her daughter to do such a thing" this is going to offer an array of opportunities for the McCain-Palin ticket to demostrate their commitment to family.

This makes Palin relatable. It demonstrates the family's commitment to life. Bristol is planning to marry the father, offering a Jamie Lynn Spears-on-steroids PR opportunity. And every time Barack Obama tries to break through the media coverage, the GOP will be able remind everyone how Obama said he wouldn't ever want his daughters "punished with a baby."

Additionally, I don't see HOW the Obama-Biden camp is going to attack Palin over this. What, should Bristol have aborted her baby? Are they, going to tell Palin how she could have better mothered her daughter? Are they going to attempt to shame Palin or Bristol over this?

Methinks not. And if they do, they should fear intense backlash from the women's vote.

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