Obama: "Up and Coming Public Servant"

Posted: Aug 30, 2008 12:39 PM
First Barack Obama disses Sarah Palin as nothing more than a small-town mayor. Now, he's describing her, in a single-sentence no less, as a mother, servant and McCain ditto-head. Talk about a back-handed compliment.
OBAMA: Obviously, she’s– a fine– mother and– a up and coming public servant. So, it– it’s too early for me to gauge– what kind of running mate she’ll be. My sense is that she subscribes to John McCain’s agenda
Obama's officially had one full day to come up with an appropriate, hard-hitting response to Palin.  He's still wiffing. Looks like trying to take down Sarah Barracudda is a bit harder than writing a nominiation speech, huh?

Update: Oops, just saw Carol posted about this below, too. Hey, Carol, don't you think Obama should at least recongize Palin is a governor in his statements? After all, he had two one-term Democratic governors, Kaine and Sebelius, on his VP shortlist. He must think it's laudable on some level!

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