Obama "Heated" Over Born Alive

Posted: Aug 16, 2008 10:27 PM
The Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody is promising a "heated" interview with Barack Obama over "born alive" legislation.  Brody snagged the interview right after Obama walked off the stage at Saddleback.

"He got pretty heated when I brought up the Born Alive Infant Protection Act," Brody blogged. "Wait until you see his response." Brody also says Obama said he believe the McCain campaign was trying to scare people into believing he was the "anti-Christ."

The video is supposed to be up sometime later tonight. If it's everything Brody is promising, I'm sure it will be sent straight to Drudge. I'll keep you updated. Here's some background on the latest controversy with this vote.

Update 11:33pm: Brody's video is up. Watch it. The born alive discussion is near the beginning of the second half of the interview. Obama does get angry.

Obama accuses the National Right to Life Committee of "lying" about his vote. (Here's all  their documentation, the relevent vote record is HERE.) But if the National Right to Life Committee is lying, why is there an AP news story (PDF HERE) confirming their so-called lie? The story clearly documents a vote in the Illinois State Health and Human Services Committee, which he chaired at that time, against born alive legislation that included protection for Roe v. Wade.  This news story is also easilly accessed by nexis. Obama's researchers should know about it, but I don't think Obama knows any of these damning documents exist and thinks he can keep covering up this part of his record.
Excellent interview, Brody. Too bad you didn't get a follow up. The AP story proves Obama is the one who is lying, not the NRLC.