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Pro-Gun Protest

A group of about twenty students, wanting to protect our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, banded together in front of the Supreme Court today to await the fateful decision regarding the DC gun ban.  Moved by a common passion, they held hand made signs, chanted to overturn the DC gun ban, and overwhelmed the Brady supporters, who stood idly on the sidelines.  After the Court decided in their favor, the students gathered around Heller to extend congratulatory messages and take pictures.  Though the students do not originate from the DC area, they represent groups from all over the country and consider this decision a major victory in defending the liberties of all citizens in America.

-A mini report sent to me from Leadership Institute intern Geneva Hackler, who I met earlier this year when she visited Washington with her college debate team. She was one of those students supporting 2nd Amendment rights on the steps of the Supreme Court yesterday. Her pictures from the protest are below.

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