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Pew Research Findings on Black Church

The Pew Research Center has released the second part of their landmark study on religion in America. There are some interesting findings about the historically black church. It's been one of those "known" things that the black church (pretty much) opposes abortion and gay marriage identifies but continues to identify itself as a Democratic institution. Now we have some updated numbers to bear this out. I included them below.

You can find more information, in a highly searchable, handy format about different religions and political beliefs HERE.

66 percent Democratic
12 percent lean Democratic

35 percent conservative
36 percent moderate
21 percent liberal

23 percent say it should be illegal in most cases
23 percent say it should be illegal in all cases

46 percent believe homosexuality should be discouraged by society

72 percent support bigger government, more services

68 percent believe “we should concentrate on problems here at home”

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