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McCain Camp Doesn't Seem Eager to Drill

RNC Deputy Chairman Frank Donatelli held another conference call this morning on behalf of GOP presidential candidate John McCain. One of the more interesting questions asked was about McCain's willingness to make a push for increasing domestic energy supplies, primarily through drilling.

Donatelli deflected the question a bit by talking about McCain's support for clean, nuclear energy and alternative sources before drilling. Here's the rough transcript.
Dontelli:“He [McCain] has talked in the past about expanding supply, he’s a big supporter of nuclear power, believes nuclear power must be used far more than we are currently…believes in a whole range of alternative energy sources…obviously in the short run we need to look for more supplies also."
McCain has said in the past he does not support drilling in ANWR. He thinks Alaska is too "pristine" for drilling. At a stop in Michigan last May he said, "I'll can't say we should drill in the most pristine parts of America, but I also believe sooner or later we have got to become energy-independent, we've got to reduce greenhouse gases. That means nuclear, wind, solar, tide, et cetera."

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