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Republican National Committee Deputy Chairman Frank Donatelli says John McCain is not close to making a vice presidential pick.

"There's no hurry on it," Donatelli told reporters on a conference call this afternoon. "I wouldn't look for an announcement anytime soon."

A Missouri-based reporter asked Donatelli if he thought McCain would go for a VP pick who would appease social conservatives and Evangelicals. Donatelli was non-committal. "I'm sure he [McCain] will make an excellent selection that all Republicans will be able to support."

So, let the speculation continue.

Towards the end of the call another reporter asks Donatelli for reaction about Obama's single trip to Iraq. He responds [rough transcript]:

This was the seminal issue of the early part of his presidential campaign…it was the one thing that allowed Obama to separate himself from all the other Democrats, he could claim he is the most opposed to the Iraq war...Anyone who has been there since early 2006…will unanimously tell you that the Iraq of 2006 and the Iraq of 2008 are not the same at all…everyone will tell you that the security situation is much stronger, the Iraqi army is must stronger and the army is working better.

Reporter follows up with a question along the lines of"Is this an issue you are going to keep pushing?" Donatelli replies, "As long as you keep asking about it!"

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