The 'Torture Card'

Posted: Jun 09, 2008 12:21 PM
This lefty blog post is disgusting.

It accuses John McCain of using the "torture card" to justify his candidacy and suggests he doesn't deserve military payments for his disability.

"Yeah, we get it. The torture card," writes lefty blogger John Aravosis.

More from Aravosis:
PS Let's not forget that the Republicans decided that the last election should be about whether a Vietnam war hero, who was awarded the Purple Heart, really was injured enough to get those medals. Imagine what the Republicans would have done had the Democratic candidate been profiting to the tune of $58,000 a year from the feds for a "disability" that didn't stop him from staying in the military another eight years, where he took over the command of a training squadron, and which didn't stop him from later getting elected to the US Congress for 26 years. Yes, you can be disabled and do all that, but again, imagine had the Democratic candidate had the vigor of John McCain, while claiming to be disabled to the tune of $58k a year. They'd eviscerate us. And they did, when the candidate was John Kerry.

A Second PS: Imagine had the Democratic candidate served in Vietnam, been captured, and then made propaganda videos for the enemy while claiming all the while to be a hero. That's a story for another day, but just imagine had our candidate run on his war record, and used his captivity to justify $58,000 a year in benefits, when during such captivity he made propaganda videos for the enemy. I have a feeling our guy would be laughed out of the race.