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"Major Announcement" Coming on the Polar Bear

The Department of Interior will be making a "major announcement" on the status of hte polar bear at 2:30 today.

As Townhall readers know, environmentalists are suing the Bush administration because they haven't made a formal decision on whether or not to list the polar bear as "endangered." Environmentalists argue the polar bear is endangered because global warming is melting sea ice at a rapid pace, although the polar bears are at their highest populations ever.

The real goal of doing this doesn't have much to do with cute, cuddly animals though.

Making the polar bears "endangered" would trigger a series of laws and protections that would prevent energy exploration and development in Alaska--the only place in the US where polar bears live. Thus, getting the polar bear on the list is much easier for the left-wingers than going through Congress to prohibit energy development in the state.

It's been predicted the Bush administration may place the bear on the "threatened" species list, rather than the endangered species list as a compromise. Threatened species law is not as far-reaching as endangered species.

Over hear at Townhall we're crossing our fingers Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne won't be putting the bears on ANY list. Stay tuned...

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