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My Weekly Glamour Blog

I got the idea to write this blog after a post I did here yesterday.
The lefties just hate it when McCain talks about the military or says the word "American." The closing line from his first national ad, "the American president Americans have been waiting for," is too much for them. I guess I can relate though. I'd be a little sensitive if my party's best presidential hope had zero military experience and a rogue "spiritual guide" caught spewing anti-American, racist rants, too. It's a devastating contrast.

Michael Crowley of the New Republic called McCain's tagline "an awfully conspicuous formulation when your opponent has been accused of being unpatriotic and of murky foreign origin." Keep in mind, none of this occurred to most Republicans watching the ad until the lefties started psychoanalyzing it.

Of McCain's five years as a POW on Vietnam the so-called feminist icon Gloria Steinem has sneered, "I mean, hello? This is supposed to be a qualification to be president? I don't think so." Um, hello, Gloria! There are people out there who are crazy enough to think it might be good to have a President with you know, military experience, to finish up that whole war thing we're in the middle of. And, I'm one of them.

Let's face it. It would be a lot more convenient for the Dems if McCain wouldn't talk about patriotism or national defense. The best arsenal they have against him is a two-count bag of tricks to paint him as a war monger lusty for 100 more years in Iraq who'll be nothing but "more of the same." I think it's pretty hard to picture the Hanoi Hilton resident itching to send our guys to a similar fate. When those charges wear off we'll have a great debate on what is means to be an American. And if the liberals are still afraid of the A-word and the military at that point, I don't see how they can elect someone to become Commander-in-Chief

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