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How Many Clinton Lies Can You Name?

I'll be joining Neil Cavuto on his show later today to talk about how politicians are known to stretch the truth. Namely the Clintons.

So, aside from the "I never had sexual relations with that woman" lie, how many can you think of? These are the ones I'm thinking about this morning.

-Hillary's lie about the Bosnia trip
-Hillary's lie she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary
-Hillary's lie she was always against NAFTA
-Bill's lie that he was always opposed to the Iraq war
-Hillary's lie that President Bush "misused" her Senate vote to go to war
-Hillary's lie that she opposes drivers licenses for illegal aliens

Update: Townhall's Kevin Glass pointed me to Michelle Malkin's column today that points out a few more. Like how Hillary claims she helped start SCHIP, she was the first to call the crisis in Darfur "genocide" and how her daughter Chelsea was out jogging in NYC when the terrorists took down the World Trade Center.

Update Two: Townhall's Chris Regal sent me a few more via Dick Morris at RCP.
Some of the notable ones include how learned in the Wall Street Journal how to make money on cattle futures and how she's "always been a Yankees fan."

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