Posted: Mar 21, 2008 9:17 AM
While everyone is still reeling over the Rev. Wright controversy and fired McCain staffers, Hillary Clinton is thinking up new ways to spend $30 billion of your money to "stimulate the economy."

(And help solidify her low-income base in time for November.)

She announced her second economic stimulus package with a $30 billion emergency taxpayer-subsidized fund to "help states buy foreclosed properties and provide mortgage restructuring" yesterday.

You may remember Hillary's first economic stimulus package--worth $70 billion released  last January. That plan also included  a $30 billion housing fund.

Since Clinton issued that plan, Congress has President Bush's stimulus package, worth $168 billion and the Fed has aggressively cut interest rates, plummeting the value of the dollar.

The Clinton campaign argues Bush isn't spending enough to prevent recession and they were right all along. Clinton economic adviser Gene Sperling told Newsweek:  "It didn't hurt our case that we called for a $30 billion emergency fund [earlier] and that was the exact amount of the loan guarantee offered to JPMorgan to buy Bear Stearns."

Stay tuned...