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The Narcissistic Left

Obama Went There

After the whole flap about he and his family not being patriotic enough and the racial politic drama behind his wife's Princeton thesis, Obama decided to talk about a little girl who might not be proud of her country and how his father married a "white woman."

These are from his remarks in Texas (no final results yet).

If a child  “should ever get the chance to travel the world and someone should ask her where are you from we believe she  should always be able to answer with pride that 'I am American. 'That is the course we seek, that is the change we are calling for.”


"I owe what I am to this country, this country I love and I will never forget it. Where else can a young man who grew up herding goats in Kenya get a chance to fulfill his dream of a college education. Where else could he marry a white girl from Kansas.”

(FYI: that's a reference to his mother and father, not he and his wife)

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