I Give You Alamo Tuesday!

Posted: Mar 04, 2008 8:24 AM
After going through the first-in-nation Iowa caucus, Super Tuesday and the Potomac-Crabcake-Chesapeake primary, I realized today didn't have a name!

So, I am officially calling today "Alamo Tuesday" since Hillary's, and more likely Huckabee's, last stand could come down to Texas.

I'm open to other suggestions though. Post your submissions in the comments.

In other news. I got to ask Miracle Mike Huckabee if he's ever witnessed a miracle over on Glamour magazine's political blog. He said "yes." Click here to read what his miracle as.

And, Townhall's friend John Hawkins, who runs rightwingnews.com, interviewed me, Michelle Malkin and some other conservative women about what it's like getting harassed in the blogosphere here.

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