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Bill Won't Quit Foundation Work as First Man

 Former President Bill Clinton said he would not consider suspending his foundation if his wife becomes president in 2008.

NBC’s Rob Caldwell asked Mr. Clinton Friday morning if he would “pull back” work on his foundation.


Clinton told Caldwell, “No, because nobody’s else’s family members are doing that.”

Last week, the New York Times published an investigative news story that discovered Bill brokered a uranium deal in Kazakhstan that led to a $31.3 million donation to his Clinton Global Initiative.  The deal included a midnight dinner with the President of Kazakhstan. Clinton spokespersons denied the event occurred until the New York Times produced a photo of the event from an aide to President Nazarbayev.

 Since the story broke, several news outlets have been questioning whether it would be ethical for Mr. Clinton to continue these kind of activities as “First Gentlemen” should his wife win in 2008.

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