Lacy Johnson Wants To Unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar In 2020 Election

Posted: Aug 15, 2019 4:45 PM

Minnesotan Lacy Johnson wants to defeat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) in the upcoming 2020 election. He is seeking the Republican nomination to run against the controversial congresswoman who currently represents Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. Johnson advocates a balanced budget Constitutional amendment and he expresses support for the State of Israel—but the candidate is not shy about criticizing Congresswoman Omar. 

His website declares that the congresswoman "supports socialist and globalist agendas which are contrary to the fundamental principles of America" and that she "is self-promoting and more concerned about national politics and being an anti-Trump celebrity than serving the people of Congressional District 5 (CD5)."

In a campaign video that has accumulated thousands of retweets, the husband and grandfather endorses the value of diligence and personal responsibility: 

"I believe that I am responsible for providing for and supporting my family, not government or anyone else. I believe that goal-setting, hard work, discipline, making good choices, attitude and just plain old tenacity largely determine our accomplishments in life," he says. 

"My vision for this country and families of our district is an environment where we encourage and help every person be the best she or he can be, where individual responsibility and accountability is the expectation. Our future is bright, even brighter with a reduced dependency on government," Lacey adds.

"I believe in the Reagan view that the role of government is to do things for people which they cannot do for themselves, that government does not solve problems, it subsidizes them," he continues. "For evidence, look at Baltimore or any place where socialist Democrats have been in control for years. We need someone in Congress who looks after the interests of our own district, not Ms. Omar who’s more concerned with being a self-promoting, anti-President Trump, national celebrity."

Johnson is not the only Republican hoping to challenge Rep. Omar, but a GOP win in this district appears unlikely as the congressional seat has remained in leftist control for years. Most recently, Keith Ellison won the district in every election from 2006-2016. In the 2018 election, Ellison successfully ran for the position of Minnesota Attorney General and Rep. Omar became the new representative for MN-05.