Fox News Poll: Trump’s Job Approval Better Than June But Still Slightly Upside Down

Posted: Jul 24, 2019 9:15 PM
Fox News Poll: Trump’s Job Approval Better Than June But Still Slightly Upside Down

Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

President Trump’s job approval rating is still underwater according to a new Fox News poll, but the numbers have moved in the president’s favor since June. In the new poll, 46 percent of registered voters approve while 51 percent disapprove. In June, 45 percent approved while 53 percent disapproved.

On the issue of the economy, 51 percent rate it as “excellent/good,” while slightly less (47 percent) grade it as “only fair/poor.” Fox News notes that, “More voters rate the economy positively today than have since 2001, according to the latest Fox News Poll.” Back in January 2001 those numbers were 59 percent and 39 percent respectively.

When it comes to the president’s handling of the economy, slightly over half approve (52 percent) while 41 percent disapprove.

The poll results show that on the prospect “economic conditions,” more people believe they will “get worse” (39 percent) than those who think it will “get better” (33 percent) if President Trump secures a second term in office. In the event of a Democratic presidential victory, 33 percent think the conditions would improve, while 36 percent believe they would worsen. And 26 percent think the economic conditions would "stay the same" if Trump wins, while 24 percent said the conditions would remain the same if Democrats win. 

The president’s favorability is high for those of his own party (87 percent) but lopsided against him for all voters, with 45 to 51 percent favorable to unfavorable.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) each rated unfavorably when it came to all voters. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez rates 34 to 41 percent favorable to unfavorable and Rep. Pelosi registers at 39 to 50 percent favorable to unfavorable.

Among registered Democratic voters, they both boast favorable ratings. Speaker Pelosi is 65 to 24 percent favorable to unfavorable and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is 58 to 19 percent favorable to unfavorable. The margin of error is slightly higher for registered Democratic voters (+/- 4.5 percent points) than it is for all registered voters (+/- 3 percent points).

A majority (63 percent) of all voters believe President Trump “crossed the line” when it came to the tweets regarding the “squad” of four female legislators, while 27 percent believed the tweets were an “acceptable political attack.”

Among all voters a majority (57 percent) do not think the president respects racial minorities while 34 percent do believe he respects them.

“Conducted July 21-23, 2019 under the joint direction of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company (R), this Fox News Poll includes interviews with 1,004 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide who spoke with live interviewers on both landlines and cellphones. The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all registered voters,” according to Fox News.