WATCH: Guess What People Did When Cash Flew Out Of An Armored Truck And Into A Roadway?

Posted: Jul 10, 2019 7:35 PM

Money literally littered a road in Georgia on Tuesday evening after the door of a moving armored truck opened and legal tender spilled out. 

Video footage documents the scene as drivers who pulled over tried to nab some of the dough from the cash-strewn street. 

But the Dunwoody, Georgia police department has warned all pilferers that they should return the stolen money:  “Investigators are still trying to determine the exact amount missing, but [Dunwoody police spokesman Sgt. Robert] Parsons said the truck’s crew estimated it could be in the neighborhood of $175,000,” reported. “Officers and the crew were only able to collect about $200, mostly in small bills.” 

“If you bring the money into Dunwoody Police Department, 24/7, and turn it in, that’s it,” Sgt. Parsons said according to “We’re done. We’re all human beings, we all understand this is something that just doesn’t happen. You’re driving down down [sic] the interstate and money falls out of the sky.” 

Some people have actually returned their ill-gotten gains:  But others apparently decided to scavenge the area for leftover loot on Wednesday. The police said that they had gotten reports of road blockages on Wednesday as people searched for cash. They said that nobody would find any more moola:  Watch a video of people taking the money on Tuesday evening: