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Obama Admin Paid Organ-Harvesting Planned Parenthood Doc for Advice on 'Healthy Baby' Births

Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior medical director at Planned Parenthood, was exposed last week for admitting to the selling of baby organs, which is illegal under federal law. The Federalist discovered that the Obama administration has been paying Dr. Nucatola to be an adviser on, of all things, healthy baby births.


Here are the details: (emphasis mine)

From April 2010 through April 2014, Nucatola was one of several experts the U.S. Health and Human Services Office of Population Affairs (OPA) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Division of Reproductive Health tasked with creating federal guidelines for “quality family planning services.” A member of the “Expert Work Group” and the “Technical Panel on Clinical Women’s Services,” Nucatola was actively engaged in the “multistage process” that produced the government’s 2014 report, “Providing Quality Family Planning Services” (QFP).

Her responsibilities as a “technical” consultant and an “expert” included analyzing research summaries and professional advisories, providing “individual feedback” on the government’s initial recommendations, “reviewing” the CDC-OPA staff’s “core recommendations,” giving her expert “opinion,” and then approving the recommendations. (See the report’s appendices for the names of Expert Work Group members and technical experts, and detailed descriptions of the experts’ involvement in formulating the report’s recommendations.) What’s the goal of those government recommendations? To help “clients…achieve their desired number and spacing of children and increase the likelihood that those children are born healthy.”

She also has been a consultant to the Centers for Disease Control:


Nucatola seems to like this whole government consulting thing quite a bit. Turns out she’s done it before—numerous times. (Chopping, crushing, and dismembering really tiny little people doesn’t take that much time, you know.) In addition to her work on the 2014 family planning recommendations, Nucatola has been a consultant on several other CDC initiatives. She was a “Liaison Participant” in the 2015 work group that helped shape the 2015 “Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines” the CDC released on June 5, 2015. She consulted in 2011 on revisions to the “U.S. Selected Practice Recommendations for Contraceptive Use,” released in 2013. She was an ad hoc reviewer for the CDC’s 2012 updated guidelines on contraception for HIV-infected women and an ad hoc reviewer for the CDC’s 2011 updated guidelines on contraception for post-partum women.

So this baby killer- and that's exactly what she is- has not only been funded by Planned Parenthood government subsidies, she's being paid through taxpayer money to consult on healthy baby births as well as contraceptive services. This is a case where the irony of the situation is actually very sickening.

Just a reminder, in the video Dr. Nucatola callously talks about crushing "above" (the head) and "below" in order to harvest liver, hearts and lungs and even talks about a case involving a "17-weeker." This is what a "17-weeker" looks like:


That looks a lot like a baby to me rather than a clump of cells. So the baby looked something like this when Dr. Nucatola dismembered it for its organs, as she so casually discussed while eating a salad and drinking wine. And by the way, the procedure she described in the video is what's known as a partial-birth abortion, which is illegal under federal law. She should be the last person giving advice on healthy baby births. And yet Dr. Nucatola is getting paid by the Obama administration to do so.

Unfortunately, I'm not surprised about this. After all, Obama has at one point said "God bless you" to Planned Parenthood. Dr. Nucatola also works for Sexual Health Innovations, a pro-abortion sex-ed group that is run by former Obama staffer Jessica Ladd, and many former Obama administration officials sit on the board.

This might explain why Obama press secretary Josh Earnest said that Planned Parenthood would not be defunded and quickly changed the subject. Planned Parenthood received $27.8 million in taxpayer money this year alone, by the way.

The left has been ardently defending Dr. Nucatola and Planned Parenthood. For instance, in Cosmopolitan, there's a headline that reads: "Why I Stand With Dr. Deborah Nucatola." In the article, Dr. Willie Parker goes on a tirade about how he knows Dr. Nucatola and how she was taken out of context- while admitting he hasn't watched the video. How can you speak about a subject like that without watching the video, especially when the Center for Medical Progress released the full version? Newsweek also wrote that the practice was legal because it's tissue donation and that at no time did Dr. Nucatola admit that Planned Parenthood sold body parts.


Except that she explicitly talks about price ranges and about affiliates getting paid, and how they're happy to do better than break even. As Ed Morrisey points out, that is what's known as making a profit.

There's also this new video that came out Tuesday where a Planned Parenthood employee is negotiating sales prices of body parts and then laughs about wanting to buy a Lamborghini. I'm sure the left will claim that that's all part of the donation or process, or something.

Despite these revelations, the left will not stop defending Planned Parenthood, let alone defund it. Because, as Rush Limbaugh says, abortion and Planned Parenthood is the left's religion.

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