NYC Man Says He Was Beaten Up For Wearing MAGA Hat

Posted: Aug 02, 2019 8:30 PM

A 35-year-old New York art gallery owner claims he was beaten up by a group of thugs this week simply for sporting a Make America Great Again hat. 

Jahangir Turan, the owner of David Parker Art Gallery, says that around 6:50 PM on Tuesday, nearly 20 individuals surrounded him and attacked, causing him to have a swollen black eye as well as two broken bones in his face. 

"One girl flipped my hat and then within 5, 8 seconds, I got pushed from the back and my face hit the scaffolding pole and I got startled," Turan told the press on Thursday. 

He had just purchased the MAGA hat Tuesday morning. After the attack, he called the police. Police confirmed that the art gallery indeed reported the incident. 

"I’m a little upset because the police have not made any arrests and it’s kind of ridiculous to get beat up like this for wearing a hat," Turan added.

"I think it’s dangerous to wear a hat like this in New York City," he warned.

U.S. Representative Bradley Byrne of Alabama shared the story, saying, "Jahangir 'John' Turan says he was attacked and beaten by a group of teens for wearing his MAGA hat. They yelled obscenities like 'f--- Trump!' THIS is the so called 'tolerant left.'"

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also shared the story, saying, "The disgusting attacks on @realDonaldTrump supporters have gone on for far too long. Every Democrat needs to denounce this."