It's Hard To Have A Conversation With Kamala Harris When She Doesn't Even Know What She's Talking About

Posted: Jul 12, 2019 4:35 PM
It's Hard To Have A Conversation With Kamala Harris When She Doesn't Even Know What She's Talking About

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Sen. Kamala Harris is often heard on the campaign trail saying, "That's definitely a conversation I'd like to have,"  or some variation of it right before completely not answering whatever question she was asked. The 2020 Democratic candidate does it so much that the good folks over at the Washington Free Beacon were able to craft a supercut of her infamous catchphrase as early as April of this year. Perhaps, however, the reason Sen. Harris says she "would" like to have a conversation is that she literally does not know what she is speaking about, and therefore cannot actually properly discuss ideas. Maybe it is not a political tactic done simply to flounder out of a controversial debate, but a genuine plea for help.

This latest evidence for this occurred Friday on The View after Meghan McCain asked her to clarify her stance on whether or not illegal border crossing should remain a crime. The California senator flummoxed, stuttered, and flip-flopped all in the span of thirty seconds. 

The exchange was flagged by the RNC Research team. Elizabeth Harrington noted that Harris answered the question by saying, "I am not in favor of decriminalizing, um, or, or, not having, um, consequence for--we have to keep--let me just be very clear," right before clarifying that she actually is in favor of decriminalizing the border. 

Maybe none of this is Sen. Harris' fault. The Democratic decree that America should now have open borders catalyzed when 2020 candidate Julian Castro challenged other candidates to decriminalize border crossings. It is, of course, a little confusing as to why somebody would ask to lead a country when they want to destroy that country's borders, but I digress. 

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But more to the point, if Sen. Harris cannot even handle chatting with the women of The View of daytime television, how is she going to handle the difficult conversations that come with being president? Whatever the case,  we should have a conversation about Sen. Harris having a conversation. 

Now, here's that great supercut that I mentioned: